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WELCOME! is all about art while at the same time, it is also about fashion and in these regards, it is about you and how you feel about yourself.


While denim covers and protects, over time, it uniquely takes on the character of its owner.  For some, washing and possibly bleaching are the extent of customization. For others, as you will see here, a pair of jeans or a trucker jacket is just the beginning of a process by which the wearer, or maker, or both present a unique image, a work of art, to those around them.


In 1974, we and Levi Strauss & Company ran a contest to recognize customized denim as a contemporary folk art.  We, for the time being, on our own, have decided to do it again.  While what started as folk art has been co-opted by every brand and almost every major fashion house, we feel that the true spirit that drove denim art then is every bit as alive and well today. 


How we look, how we dress, how we take the ordinary and make it extraordinary both in real and in virtual worlds defines our cultures, it defines ourselves.  Denim is one canvas, it is the one we have chosen to celebrate.


We call it, AmericanDenimArt.  It is here at  Join us.

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