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our purpose

Est. 2017

Richard Owens, creator of the original American Denim Art Contest is preparing to recreate an event event much greater than the previous phenomenon.  The project will leverage the power of the Internet as the platform to invite, display and celebrate individual creativity and expression on a medium that has remained an arena for artists and designers since the 1970's. American Denim art has never died. 


Richard's team is uniquely poised to present this event. Several months of work have gone into the structure and the development of what this celebration of creativity promises.


The planning forums have yielded several concepts that support the ideas which will foster the success of this event.  Here is what we see. 


  • We believe this is a fertile time to provide opportunity for personal expression. 

  • We find it “significant” that what began in the late 1960’s is still evolving and thriving today and has a healthy presence "world wide" without any organized entity driving, supporting or promoting it. 

  • We have the foundation, experience, insight and hold THE VISION for the future events which will excite activity and interest for years. 

  • We have begun to build the infrastructure and create the strategic relationships which are contributing to the success of our development program.   These include: 

    • Collection of known and influential personalities to participate as Judges and “influencer” participants, team members and advisors.

    • Strategic partners from a variety of disciplines to champion specific aspects of development:

      • Publishing

      • Web development

      • Commerce

      • Arts organizations

      • Design organizations and awarded individuals

  • We believe the internet is largely built on rapid conveyance of ideas, beliefs and creative properties and this project is what feeds the internet.  The internet gives back a world of connectivity in a timeframe that is usually measured in “minutes” and lands opportunity at your doorstep.

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