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PROJECT 2 - Kickstarter - planning stage

We are in the process of beginning our Kickstarter campaign.​  If you are interested in being a backer, please click this link and let us know.  We are creating special prizes for the people who support us, including an original Denim vest that was an entrant into the original Levi's Denim Art Contest in 1974.  This is a very special garment with significant historical value.

PROJECT 1 - Harvesting Artists is seeking and actively looking for artists that focus on creating art on denim.  We want to showcase works that are created on denim and exhibit a creative artistic statement.  If you want to submit any images, click here to go to the sign up page.  All works are welcome.  

What do you have that you want to show the world?


PROJECT 4 - Denim Truck rolls to Music  is rolling the denim music truck.

• Rock & Roll, Jazz, Country, Folk and Classical •

Local bands will play at special venues and local artists will be honored for their contributions to the art on denim community.  Denim art will be on display and some artists will be selling their creations.

 INTERESTED bands please contact us!   (CLICK)

PROJECT 3 - The ART on DENIM Contest

We are looking for any artistic creation made on or with denim.

The prizes will be determined as we obtain sponsors and generate interest.

The timeframe will be in the fall of 2018

The judges will be and eclectic group of industry people.


LINK to Information Page

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