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How it works

Uploading images of your art on denim creates an Artist Page


Artists Page page will display up to 4 images that you have uploaded along with your name, city & state, website and what ever you include in the description box.

    NOTE: Don’t put any information in the description box that you do not want to become public information.  


Website visitors can click on the main gallery image to go to your Artists Page

NOTE: If you want to be contacted or are selling your creation you can indicate that in the description box.


Image 1 (gallery) upload will be the image that appears in the main gallery on the homepage.



Inappropriate or questionable information will be removed.

Only submit information and images that you own or have the right to publish.

Do not publish any images or information which you do not have legal right to do so.



We are not responsible for the content posted by Artists Pages participants

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